Past puppies
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Maggie May and Elmo pups born 7/29/06

Louise went to a fabulous home.  We are keeping Thelma.  Her name is now Dixie.

Dam and Sire
(Maggie and Elmo)

The girls. 09/01/06  5 weeks old.



Smooth red with black overlay (will fade in time)

Here are images of the girls from birth on.

We have a new litter of puppies!  Two females born June 29th.  They are Maggie and Elmo's .  Precious little things.

Maggie, the dam,  is a black and tan.  Elmo, the sire,  is a long hair red brindle with dappling.    Their litter names are Thelma and Louise.

 They were only a few hours old when this pic was taken.

Day 1

5 days old! 8/3/06

Louise.  2 weeks old! Eyes beginning to open.  

Thelma. 2 weeks old!  She's a smooth brindle with dappling.  Very unusual coloring.

Her face is brindled.

This is her dappled side

This is her brindled side

Isn't that cute?

4 weeks old. Thelma:

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